Class of 2024 Senior Page 

Senior Calendar 2023/2024

Senior Service, Senior Trip and Graduation Rehearsal are mandatory (reach out to Shannon if you have any questions/concerns:

March 4 & 5: California Science Testing (CAST)

TBD - Cohort Photo Day and Senior Portrait Day  

(These portraits are mandatory and will be going into the yearbook. If you are having a senior portrait setting done by an outside photographer, those can go into the Treering custom pages, customized by you!)

TBD: Senior Trip Prep Meeting #1 *dinner provided* CLICK HERE FOR MORE SENIOR TRIP/SOLO INFORMATION

Monday April 29th - Thursday May 2: Senior Project Presentations - Evenings

Friday April 28th: Last Day of Main Lesson Class

Saturday April 29th: Prom Night @ The College of Marin (more info to follow)

Monday May 1st, 8-10am:  Senior Trip Prep Meeting #2 (Come half an hour early. During OPL time)

Monday May 1st - Friday May 5th: Last Week of Regular Classes & OPL Week (Senior Trip Prep - No Main Lesson)

Friday May 3th: Last Day of Regular Classes & Leaving Verse

Monday May 6th: AP Exams


~Monday May 20st - Friday May 24th: Senior Trip in Mendocino with Weaving Earth (leaving from and returning to Credo)

Monday May 29th: No School, Memorial Day

Tuesday May 30th - Friday June 2nd: Graduation Rehearsal, Senior Appreciations, partial days; schedule TBD

Sunday June 9th: Graduation 5pm

Senior Service Program

Click Here For Resources, Forms and Practical Information about Senior Service

For roughly two weeks in the Spring, Seniors experience what it's like to live away from home while giving their time to others. This requirement provides an important step to build the confidence needed to break out on one's own in the future, whether it be college, a gap year, trade school or travel. Students have the chance to give back to their community while exploring something they might be interested in pursuing as a future endeavor.

Over the years, Credo has evolved this requirement: 

We endeavor to help support you in your placement, and will provide various opportunities to work with one of many organizations that we have built up relationship with over the years.

For more information, contact Heather Topham, or click here to make an appointment ( 707-794-6006).